Our company’s mission is to be sustainable. On the one hand, this means for us that materials that are as resource-saving and environmentally friendly as possible are processed during production, and on the other that we work cost-effectively so that everyone in the production chain can be paid fairly. This is why we ensure that our suppliers also share these standards and values.

Our backpacks are manufactured in Poland by a family-run company, which we have been working with successfully since 2013. We visit our production facility to implement each new collection so that we can constantly improve our manufacturing and supply chain processes.


Freibeutler was founded in Hamburg in 2012. We create functional, simple backpacks and accessories for daily use, designed to be reliable companions during the stresses and strains of everyday life. Our products are manufactured in Europe under fair conditions. We are constantly developing and refining our ideas in our Hamburg studio and creating new products that will be carried around the world by you in the future.

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